Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I painted myself

Paint ball fun!!!!!
Date:  February 29, 2016
Area:  Amazimtoti, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Rakotomalala
Week 36

Well what to right about this week??? (I think 90 percent of my emails start with the word well....) Maybe I will have to change that.

So we had our ZTM this week which means zone training meeting. we talked about setting goals forevvveeerrrr but it was good we ended up setting goals for the zone and for each companion ship. we decided that we wanted in the next 8 weeks to get 400 new investigators. now there are only seven sets of missionaries which means we got a lot to do. I set a goal of getting five new Investigators a week. eish I will need a lot of help from the Lord to pull that off! and we set a goal for 4 baptisms in the next 8 weeks in my area and 40 for the zone. It is a big and little daunting number but hey. faith the size of a grain of muster seed can move mountains so lets do it! it will be hard seeing how I have had only 3 baptisms in 8 months (thats pretty good in this mission) and again its not about the numbers (its not about the numbers its about the change, shout out to RHS Silver rush) haha but they are an important aspect of the work no matter how much I wish to deny it. they need to be there for us to set goals, to look to improve. as I believe hinkley said. something like, performance greatly improves when measured. 

I have also bee trying to follow up more effectivly, ie checking with people if they kept our commitments and if not acting "devistated" shout out to PMG and all other missionaries haha, It really does help though when your investigators see that you are serious and want them to do what you ask.

Elder Malala is still fanasticly grand and I am loving him. He is so funny, just last night we stayed up with Elder Kaitoo till 12 just laughing and talking, grand guy for sure! power power

Today I got to go paint-balling (food is going to be a struggle this week haha) worth it.... It was my first time ever going paint balling and I loved it, it was a bunch of fun we went with two zones so it was quite a large group of missionaries. I shot elder Kaitoo about 4
times.... never mind that he was on my team..... 
Goofy boys
Overall it was a great week. We will be having a baptism next week which I am stoked for. It will be Quiniso Baptism!!! (the word quiniso means truth) its has really been a struggle with him but also been so good as I have first hand seen the change in his life that the gospel has brought and seen a literal change in his countenance. It is so crazy because its what you hear about all the time on how the gospel changes lives but I get to see it and help that happen. It truly is the best thing ever to see people grow and their lives get better through this gospel. It is interesting how a theme of keeping the commandments and you will prosper in the land constantly shows up in the BoM. It is true, the simple commandments we are given can and will change our lives if we obey them faithfully and willingly. they are simple but not easy. nothing worthwhile is ever easy...

It is better in person I promise! 
oops paint got all over with this service project.

anyhow I am out of time this week so Ill close with a big hug that I will send to you all in 3....2....1....

ah now wasnt that comforting... :) I know it was for me. I have missed all your hugs! Now have an amazing week! 

Do your best. let God do the rest

African love ya 
Elder North

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