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Date:  February 22, 2016
Area:  Amazimtoti, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Rakotomalala
Week 35

This was a pretty power week, it went by way to fast though, I feel like Monday was two days ago but here I am again.

We had zone conference this week which is always awesome, to make it even better we finally got to watch the world wide broadcast to all the missionaries, this happend like a month ago but because it would have been aired while we were sleeping we watched it later. It was awesome and I learned a lot of things from it. Its so funny how much I enjoy things like church, conference and talks compared to when I was home and struggled to get through them looking at the clock wishing the time to go. But now! I love it, maybe its because its talking about my life pretty much, they talk about gospel things and as missionaries we eat and sleep the gospel, heck I dream about teaching investigators, or investigators being bogus and want not haha.

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Teaching is not talking, it is listening and observing. this is what David A Bednar stated in a teaching discussion he had. I really liked this because he talked about how we need to be present in the lessons, when our companion is teaching we need to be teaching as well by paying attention and discerning the investigators needs. there was so much taught that I would love to share but I realize that it would be quite boring for me to practically teach a missionary conference to you.

washing by hand because our machine broke.
I got really frustrated this week, or it was last week, I can't remember, the weeks go fast and blend together. One of our investigators who was supposed to be baptized this coming Sunday bunked us for his interview and we have yet been able to meet up with him to figure out whats going on, he is sincere I know that. and I know he is ready to be baptized but he isn't 100 percent in the head and forgets things often so I don't think he is purposefully dodging us and he comes to church and tells us how badly he wants to be baptized, I want him to be baptized before I leave because I have worked with him since the first week I was in Toti and I have seen him grow so much and I want to be able to see him actually go into the waters and make that first step towards the savior.

We had the most crazy lighting storm this week, it woke me up and 12 oclock and it lasted a straight our of constant lightning, like I felt as if I was in a night club full of strobe lights, plus the thunder was making our house shake so it really was like our own little rave, but scarier haha. 
A bird that we found in our house - still alive.

Well thats a recap of my week, ups and downs, more up then down so that good!

Got mail from Grandma Marry, and Hailey :) :) :) :) :) :) :) (if you cant tell that makes me happy)

Love you all
Elder North

My Zone - Umlazi

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