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Date:  March 21, 2016
Cool kid in the street
Area:  Maseru, Lesotho
Companion:  Elder Woodland
Week 39

Fam and friends, howzit. (howzit is a common saying in SA same as izit)

It has been a fantastic flippin week if I do say so my self!   We have been on bikes for the past week and a half. This area has not had their bakkie for about four months because a previous elder drove it into a ditch.....Ooops. But good news! we got our bakkie back! Oh boy do I love it. There is just something fulfilling about driving a truck, especially a manual haha. It has helped a lot with the work because we can now stay out latter ( previous on bikes we had to be home around 6 because it gets to dangerous when we are out later than that) and we can work in rain or shine! We were able to go to a bit further places which seemed promising in tracting and were able to knock some doors done that side. I work in an area called ha tsetane or something like that and work in the neighboring towns and villages.

Here are some pictures of my new boarding!  Pretty good but the washer will only go on HOT.

Doing who knows what at my desk.

MAIL, I love mail, happily enjoying reading.

Cool story of the week is that we were approached by some guy in the mall who teaches at a emt college. He asked us if we would be interested in helping him teach a morals class. We gladly accepted his offer and get to meet all the students later today. We will be teaching a two hour class of about 85 students once a week about morals and ethics and of course Jesus Christ! We are stoked about this and think we will all learn from the experience. I am praying it all goes well!!!  The area is starting to pick up, we didn't have anyone in our investigator teaching pool but now we have a few and are continuing to make it grow. We hope to soon be so busy with appointments that we come home and fall asleep before we get to the beds. 

Here are some pictures of my area.

This is a high school.

The branch that I am serving in is such a cool one, the members are nice. The only problem we have is a lack of priesthood holders. There are a lot a lot of sisters in the branch. We have an attendance of about 140 on average.
Elder woodland and I have been doing great, we already have so many inside jokes and its like we have been friends for a long time. I have been blessed with a fantastic companion that we both enjoy to work laugh and play! :)  Its a good thing I am off of the bikes now because sleeping was becoming a problem, not that I slept to much but lack there of due to stupid back aches.... (gents take care of any pulled/tore muscle now and dont hurt for it two years later...) It's getting pretty nippy at night where I actually need a real blanket and not just sheets like I have been doing in KZN. You can feel that winter is on its way but for the most part it is still hot, short sleeve weather. 
I wake up every morning with more and more mosquito bites. They are starting to really get on my nerves. the worst is when you wake up in the night because you can hear them buzzing right past your face and its loud! curse you infernal pests!!!

Some youth from the branch.

So Elder woodland and I are becoming quite the chefs, we don't get fed by any members here so you cook a lot. The other night we made some chicken and it was awesome. We put it in the oven put some garlic, lemon, and spicy chicken flavor sauce over it and flipped it every 30 min for about two hours. The chicken was soooo goooood!!! Lemony and a bit of kick at the end due to the perri perri pepper spice we put on it. ah to die for!!!! Well that is my week I guess. Lesotho has been grand thus far.
Book of Mormons in lots of languages

Byes with Malala

Trying to cool down after biking.

Going from South Africa to Lesotho

FHE with a bunch of kids at a Gogo's house.
Nice little wrestle party.

read the pizza box~ hahaha

Minons invaded my personal study.

Lunch time.

The money here is cool


Rustic Truck thing

My planner

biking is hard on the pants.

Bye to Elder K2

We got caught in a downpour

The street signs here are low

Taking shelter from the rain on a random porch.

We love us some lekker jello!!!!!
Don't mind how chubby I look.

I love you all and am thankful for your love and support
Elder North

We got to be a part of a slaughter!

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