Monday, March 7, 2016


Date:  March 7, 2016
Area:  Amazimtoti, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Rakotomalala
Week 37

It has been a pretty great week! I got a nice story to tell!

So Elder Malala and I were going to visit an investigator we are teaching named Jaxon. Jaxon is a power dude, he is Zulu and lives in Kwamakhutha which is the township here. He lives in a certain suburb that I can't remember the name of, but we already know it to be a more dangerous part of the township. We went and had our fantastic appointment with him and taught a great lesson. He is really understanding the concepts well and looks forward to being baptized on the 3rd of April. As we left we were talking to some people by the truck shop and then one of them started telling us to give him stuff. Now this is not uncommon. Simply because I am a white guy dressed nice I should have money, sadly this is not true for missionaries. I am broke..... so we get asked for money and food a lot and just have to say sorry to people, usually they don't leave you alone but they don't get violent. Well this guy I guess really wanted something that we had so he decided to pull out his knife and hold it firmly. Of course the guy was drunk and probably wouldn't have done this if he had been sober but none the less he pulled the knife on us and asked us for something again. I looked down and saw the way he was holding the knife and decided hmmm... we should leave.... now....... so I made a brisk escape to the car, my companion wasn't too frighten by the experience seeing how he had his bag in his hand ready to swing at the guy if he made any move haha. so that's my great story of the week :)
I got to have a fantastic meal this week.... macaroni and chicken heart! I ended up eating probably like 20-30 chicken hearts haha, I thought they were livers until half way done when we realized they were hearts. by then I said well... taste good! haha

We had a baptism this week of Qiniso. It was such a wonderful opportunity to officiate in his baptism. I have been with him, pushing him for four months now and missionaries long before me trying to get him to this point but we finally did it! It was incredible! This has been the best baptism I have been apart of because we had to work so hard to get him to where he is today to be able to baptized and come into the church with a heart of gladness and thanksgiving. He has made some incredible changes in his life and it has been a great chance for me to see the impact the gospel truly does have on peoples lives.

Now for the subject of the email. Lesotho! Transfer news came today and I am going to Lesotho, for those of you who don't know Lesotho is a country completely surrounded by South Africa. and for those who also don't know South Africa is a country not southern Africa. It is like saying Nigeria, or Uganda or Kenya. It's South Africa not Southern Africa, even though it is in Southern Africa (Check out a map if I confused you). Anyways I will be going to a new country to serve in Maseru Lesotho. (Lesotho is pronounce le, sue, two) I have been hoping I would get to serve there so this was good news to me. Especially since I will be there in the winter time. Remember our winter is your summer. I will be able to see snow!!! It is on the other hand sad to leave this place. Many friends have been made and I will deeply miss them and always leave a part of my heart here in Toti with them. I can't wait for the day to visit again and see them all again.

Love you all,
Elder North

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