Monday, January 16, 2017

It was a good week, quite a lot of stuff happened actually.

Date:  January 16, 2016
Area:  Bloemfontein, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Fransen

Eish I forgot my camera so now pictures this week.... sorry. I have also been really bad at taking pictures so Ill try to start taking some more this week.

Where do we start. 

Monday -
So Monday's in this area have been nice because we play soccer. We go to the university which has super nice fields and play with the missionaries, we play 4v4.  It's really fun. Then we sometimes go out to eat together and then email which of course is nice to hear from everyone. Next we go out and teach. Today we have some appointments at 5,6, and 7.  So, we met with Thapelo. He is an adamant Roman Catholic. The Catholic belief is that the authority of God never was lost. As to our belief that authority and power was lost at the death of the apostles and Christ. The only way to really know is to pray and ask God. So we gave him the book of Mormon and just invited him to pray saying the only way to know what is really true is to ask of God if these things that we share are indeed true. We will be seeing him tonight so I hope he read, if he did then its easy. No one can read and sincerely pray about the book of Mormon without feeling something in their heart telling them that its true. So I am excited for that. We also teach his roommates but I can't remember their names because they are Xhosa names with lots of clicks. I am starting up my Zulu study again because a lot of people here speak Xhosa so they can understand Zulu. my Sotho is still shaky though.

Another grand day came to pass as we started our morning work out. I am always sore and its bitter sweet. We got bunked at our first appointment which was fantastic because it gave us the opportunity to go out and find other people to teach. The thing is if you are just motivated as a missionary then knocking on doors all day really isn't as terrible as it seems. If you are just melancholy when it comes to the thought then you will just want to die....
The bad thing is that I am trying to drink a lot of water which is kinda of turning into a bad thing, I think I was blessed with my moms small bladder so I have to go pee like 8 times a day. We are walking down the street in the middle of town and then it hits me hard like oh I really really need to pee now. We just start walking down the street passing every house looking for a hiding spot where I can well ya.... sadly this isn't a township. While serving in townships everywhere and anywhere can be your toilet. (you don't want to know how many kids I have seen pop a squat in parking lots) but nope this is town and they have rules. I thought I was going to die!  Luckily we were able to solve the problem with a nice group of trees we found. haha We did a lot of street contacting. I love street contacting because we just teach lessons for Africa! We teach everyone and its awesome!

The Roberts, they have been mentioned here and there throughout my mission but pretty much Elder Roberts is a scripture guru, he has memorized the entire Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants and the whole Bible. If you ask him any question or scripture he will tell you where the answer is. So he goes home in three weeks so we had a good bye night with the whole zone where we got to sit for a few hours and ask him lot of questions. It was dope.

So we had zone conference which is always a blast and we focused on our purpose.  We then went to see Ntati Tladi, His wife is a member who was introduced to the gospel about a year and a half ago by Elder Adams. At the time Ntati had no interest in listening to the missionaries. Now he has committed to come to church whenever he is home and to be baptized. He works in the military which can be a struggle because of his hectic schedule.
We then saw Sindi, she unfortunately was not able to come to church this week do to financial strains but we are working that out with some members who will be able to give her a ride. We taught about the Book of Mormon and wow, boy oh boy was it powerful, the spirit was strong through the entire lesson. We are excited to follow up with her tomorrow and how her prayers have gone and we will set her on a baptism date. the email is getting to long aye? 

We taught some more lessons on Saturday and it was pretty normal and then we had church on Sunday.

Over all I think it was a pretty good week.

I got mail from the ward, a sweet package! Thank you!!!
Also got a south Africa flag tie from mom.  YUP those were Christmas gifts...Ugh mail takes so long!

Love you all!
Elder North

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