Friday, February 3, 2017

Its been a STELLAR week!!!

Date:  January 30, 2017
Area:  Bloemfontein, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Fransen

Now nothing unusual or grand happened except for the day to day life of a missionary!!!! I think this is why they call it the best two years!!!!

so we saw Sindi again this week. it was a bit rough because she told us how much she loves her church. We asked her if the Lord was to tell her to go to a specific church would she. She hesitated but reluctantly agreed that she must. I hope she gains a firm testimony. She is just a power girl and has a lot of love for God but she has a lot of love for how her life is right now. It is difficult because we know the best thing for her is the gospel. the direction and peace it brings is found no where else. and the blessings that come through restored truths and eternal families are incredible. I hope she can listen to the spirit as she reads and prays.

We met with Thando who is from Port Elizebeth in the cape town mission. she was referred to us by the Elders that side. She is doing well and keeping commitments. its still early but we will be putting her on a baptism day this week and hope that she will make it church on Sunday.

We did a lot of finding this week which was super fun and incredible. We met some great people. we met two young women who really have a firm and unshaken testimony in their Father in Heaven and in Jesus Christ. we look forward to seeing them tomorrow.

We met a group of new investigators who are going to school. they all seemed very interested as we shared about the book of Mormon and Joseph smith. at then end they were telling us how excited they were to pray to find out if these things are true!

and now one of my favorites is a new Investigator named Michelle. She is going to university and really knows her scriptures. She was asking great questions about the 12 tribes and lineage and possibilities of lineage. also she was talking about the lost books of the bible. and about what hell really is. just awesome questions that we don't get as often because people don't really study their bible. so it was dope.

We saw Narky as well. she has been struggling with her boyfriend lately. but they have a kid together and so it makes things complicated. they have been together for a while but things have been getting rocky. We are praying that the message we bring will bring them closer together. One of the first things we teach people is that the gospel blesses families and individuals. The thing is it takes effort on each family member to do what is needed to invite the spirit and blessings of the Lord into their homes and hearts.

We have been playing a lot of soccer which of course I love. we play on Mondays. and also Saturdays with the branch in the town ship. our first time playing them at the beginning of the transfer we won 6-3 the next time after we won 7-1 and the time after that we won 10-3 sadly this morning we tied 6-6 they really pulled up their socks today and played a good match. so that's been fun. I got some gnarly road rash the burns like crazy so that's fun as well.

Mission is just great. talking to people everyday is great. learning, living and loving is great. life is great. people are great. the gospel is great. My Mom and Dad are super great. my companion is great. my friend at home is great. everything just seems to be going good.... it can be scary because life is always full of opposition so I am waiting for the guillotine to drop and the pain but for now I will just soak up all the joy I can :)

Find the Joy in the day to day. Love
Elder North

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