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Date:  January 9, 2017
Area:  Bloomfontein, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Fransen

So sorry for the short email last week. let me make up for it :D

So Elder Fransen, my new companion. Awesome dude from cali! (mom, what city are our relatives in california from?)  He was a wrestler in high school so we are starting to work out hard in the morning! getting "yoked" or "swoll" as they call it haha. he also did a lot of welding which is pretty cool so he would make his own knives and belt buckles and what not. pretty impressive.

He has been on mission just over a year now. We are really getting a long and the work is starting up now.

Bloemfontein is a town area, and towns are known for being a bit rough and tough on missionary work. Because of the holiday season a lot of our investigators are out of town so we have a lot of open time.... like all day.... so we go tracking, try to set up booths and get denied and all. the frustrating part about town is when you knock on someones gate you will see them peak out the window and then hide and not answer the door.... silly people don't they know that their families can be together forever through the message we share.... I guess they don't otherwise I don't know why they wouldn't answer.

Coke refrigerated, eggs are not.
That is a lot of coke!!!!
So the work has been a bit slow and disheartening. but luckily these past two days we were actually able to find some awesome people. things are starting to look upwards and momentum is coming. We met this guy name Thapelo and his two buds. they are going to the university and they had quite a few questions about why there are so many interpretations of the bible and all that jazz, we were happy to invite them to learn more of the restoration of the gospel that answers that question perfectly and how God has provided a way for us to know exactly what he wants us to know. to get rid of all confusion. its through the Book of Mormon.

NO one can know if the Book of Mormon is TRUE unless they READ, and PRAY about it! the best part is if they actually do that, they find out it is true and life becomes so much brighter!!!!

The Roberts - sadly they go home next month.
We also found this young women named Sindi, she is studying Psychology and is super cool. Her parents are pastors of her church but in recent times she has had lots of questions about the bible and things not making sense so she has stopped reading it. we told her its normal to not understand everything. I mean I teach the gospel 7 days a week and still learn more each day. the gospel is like a puzzle. you start with the corners. if I give you a middle peace and you haven't built the sides then you wont know where it goes. the peace none the less still has a purpose and place in the big picture but it needs to wait. we need a foundation. it is the same with the gospel and principles in it. for example if I don't have faith then why pray. there would be no point in prayer if I didnt have a belief that God hears me and answers my prayers, that He loves me, and Knows me. So we see we have to build from the foundation and hold on to those pieces we don't quite understand yet and continue to build our knowledge until we find out where it fits.

Elder Henly and I

The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is awesome because it puts forth the doctrine of salvation so clearly and helps us really understand the teachings that get so mixed and confused in the bible. I love the Bible, I love the Book of Mormon and know them to be the word of God. I know the best way to find peace in your life is to read the Book of Mormon and pray. search it for answers. It is full of them.... you'll be surprised! :)

My good friend Kayla asked me this week what has been my favorite thing on mission... what a good question, I couldn't really give an answer because I just love so many things and there are to many to chose just one but  I did try my best with this reply.

I have loved being able to just meet so many wonderful people on my mission to see all the different backgrounds people come from and how the teachings and love of Jesus Christ fit perfectly into each of their lives. I have loved being able to learn more about my Savior and also about myself and I have done my best to serve with all I got. As a missionary people seem to naturally trust you and that is one of my favorite things is people trusting me enough to tell me whats really going on and coming for help. I love seeing how in all these different struggles, weather it be money, family, relationship, personal, or other all these struggles seem to find answers through Christ and it amazes me. It is something I didn't know before or even understand. Its still crazy to me how it happens. I have loved meeting new and incredible people everyday. learning different cultures and coming to love them. it'll be hard to leave them. I don't know its hard to say just one thing. I have loved my mission and look forward to the last months I have.
Me and Elder Benissen

its been tough though. some days really suck. you just go out and try to find people to teach and no one wants to even look at you. it can get discouraging but one thing I have learned is hard work. I have really learned to work on my mission. to not get discouraged. and to press forward knowing all will work out. I have learned so much about life and how great it is. 

It doesn't come close to describing the love and joy of missionary service but maybe it gives you a hint of some things I love about being a missionary.

This was a great week. It has been a bit of a tough start. A lot of our investigators are out of town due to the holiday season and because of the recent baptisms we are really trying to build a teaching pool. We haven't been successful in the past as we have been doing all we could think of to find until these past two days. it seems like people are now just showing up, and real people with potential. Its actually really exciting. I was starting to worry about this area and that it would be too hard to get things going but now things really are starting to happen and it gave us the much needed moral boost to start of this week. We both look forward to working hard this week and getting all the little things in. Ie studies right on time, out to the area early and finding meaningful activity for every hour of the day. I look forward to great memories, and love to be had here in Bloemfontein. I am feeling more and more a sense of urgency as I feel I have lots of time to make a change not only in myself but in the area and others but at the same time I don't have anytime to waste, I really have to use it all and be effective in the way we do use our time.
New investigator Lethabo
She gave me a braid!

Also gotta give a shout out to Hailey for getting a call to go on a camp with the U23 US Womens national team.... isnt she just incredible!!!! WOW!!!! :)
Hailey this week at the
U23 Women's National Team
training camp!
I love you all so dearly and I am grateful to be here in South Africa. It is home. God bless you all with the best new years ever!!!!

Elder North.

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