Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bundles of joy!

Date:  24, 2016

Area:  Richards Bay, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Mupumha

This week was a pretty decent one. its getting hard to make sure we are staying dedicated because Elder Mupumha goes home next week but we are doing our best!

We met some new investigators this week so I am excited to see where they end up.

An awesome experience this week was this:

So I met this lady in a SupaQuick (car place like a jiffy lube) and she was also getting something fixed on her car, of course I started talking to her and we got her contacts and what not. Well, we tried calling for like two weeks and she would always be super bogus and say she was busy or this or that or what what. super lame right! Like who doesn't want to sit with the missionaries!?!? Well I decided I should try again, usually we just drop these types of bogus but for some reason we hadn't given up. So I dial, and give her a bit of a ring. She answered and we started going down the same old road, "Hey, this is the missionaries, We wanted to set a time when we can come and see you this week and share more about Jesus Christ and how His gospel can help bless our lives ect. ect." her reply " Oh.... Ya, well I have work this week and this and that and I am busy and eish theres this thing and ill get back to you" (they never get back to us.... its sad) Me "Well what time do you knock of work, we do this everyday from 9am to 9pm, so we can work around your schedule." her" okay I am just not really good company right now, I just lost a really close friend and I dont think we should visit." Me " Oh, I am so sorry. You know, one of the messages that we share is that we can be with our families forever, and that we can see our loved ones again. That death is not the end." I barely finished my sentence when she excitingly exclaimed "REALLY!" me "well YES, haha" her " when can I meet you"  the end.... so ya that was quite the phone call. its amazing to see how the gospel fits so perfectly into each of our lives. when great truths are brought to us in our time of need, it really is just exciting. We meet with her this week, I really hope she comes and we can have a good lesson. I know this gospel will help her to find peace and joy in life. and comfort beyond anything she has ever experienced.

We also had another great lesson this week with a new investigator. So we were on our way to see this guy names Vusi, we got to his house and saw a young women, we asked her, Ucon Uvusi? she replied ageko, (is vusi here? no he is gone) so we then started talking to her about  what we do. we sat down and began to get into teaching and then she started asking us if God will always forgive us. we spent the next hour talking about repentance and the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and how we can repent and recieve forgiveness from sin. it was a power lessons and she had so many great questions. It was stellar! look forward to seeing her again.

Then we walk into church on Sunday and I see a young women sitting down, 15 yrs old, I start talking to her and then come to see that its her first time at this church, she lives across the street and her parents go to separate churches so she usually goes to one down the street but today she decided to come and see what this church was all about. it was cool, she seemed so focused all throughout church and I hope she enjoyed it. we have a meeting with her this week as well and I hope we don't get bunked.

Well that's a bit of my week for ya! its was pretty good :) It's super hot some days and really humid  soo... eish..... but its also been rain quite a bit.

Love you all!!!

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