Sunday, October 9, 2016

Moving to Richards Bay

Date:  October 3, 2016
Area:  Maseru 1, Lesotho Africa
Companion:  Elder Shinga

What an exuberant week.

Sooooo Transfers came and….. I am going to Richards Bay! (Back to the coast, area 5 on the map) Its in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. I am super excited and I will get to be able to start practicing my Zulu again,(me looking it up it says they speak Afrikaans, so we will see what he ends up speaking most) but its going to be hard to not speak seSotho with everyone I see. 

President said he wants the same flame that we have ignited here in Lesotho to also start in Richards Bay, and area known for not being liked by missionaries. I am excited though, its going to be grand.
Cool elephant door
This little boy made a kite with sticks and plastic bags.
So this week was interesting because a lot of schools were graduating so we couldn’t see anyone which was a boo. And also we had to take elder king to south Africa because he is going home from his mission. (Watch out Montana) So we spent the whole day in SA and when we tried to come back to Lesotho we were met by the worst traffic I have ever seen in my life. We wated almost 4 hours at the boarder when our mission president then told us he didn’t want us waiting through the night and we had to drive an hour back to where we came from and spend the night. We also had a member with us from Lesotho so it was quite the experience. The next day still took three hours to get through the boarder. I never want to relive that experience again….
Member but I don't know her name...esh..
I spent all day yesterday saying goodbyes and I leave today. Its sad to leave the branch because I have been there for 7 and a half months but it is time to spread my wings. Its hard leaving the area because we now have lots of baptisms coming as well… eish…
Sis Lerato, Me and Sister Liako

Sister Khaleso and I 

Brother Mohau
I confirmed him in church today.

Me with BoMe
My old neighbor from Ha Thestsane, he is an awesome kid.
My Sister Mampho Bridget.
She is like a sister to me.
Love this we are both Sassy
Sis Ntsala in a traditional print dress.  I love these!
This is Elsi and she will be baptized soon.

I am stoked for the new area and new challenge. A good change in scenery.
Some guy with too much money.  Complete chromed his jaguar.
Also had two body guards

Playin some cards

I love you all and am thankful for your support.
Elder North
Coke is nice
myself, Elder Depriest and Moore driving to get some KFC.
Nothing more manly than using a chain saw!

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