Saturday, October 29, 2016

Guess how my week was...

Date: October 17, 2016
Area:  Richards Bay, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Mupumha

Well fam, guess how this week was.

A) Good
B) ight
C) Cold and miserable
D) So fliping fantastic I want to jump up and down and sing all day long because I love it all so verry verry much even if it was super hot and humid some days!!!!!!!

If you said D, you were almost correct because it was even better than that! :)

Why may you ask!?

Because we found a way awesome family! Ya that's right a family, and not just a family with a mom and some children like we usually find but one with a father, and no not just a father who isn't too interested in his family like the rest of them, this guy was different, this guy was power! He has six children, ya I know right. sooooo many. At least this side that's a lot of kids to come from the same mother and father.  (It is a lot this side too, it is just we have tweaked our children by having nine) He loves his family. We went to follow up with him and he didn't read the pamphlet... boo.... buuuuutttt, I aint given up on him, not by a long shot. This guy is future bishop I can see it. All we gotta do is just get him started, if he reads the book of Mormon, He will know it is true and then its easy from there. If they read, it all just goes so smooth, the struggle is to get them to really read and pray. anyways I am super stoked for them and hope and pray that they progress.

On another not, I feel like I am changing... not in a 12 year old boy kind a way, but in a spiritual, emotional, what what kind of way! I don't know, I have thought a lot about what if I come home and haven't changed at all, what if I am the same me, still making the same mistakes, and doing the same stupid things. then did I really do everything I could? well I feel like I am now starting to notice changes in myself, in my desire to serve and all that good stuff. I guess I am still learning how to be a good missionary after 16 months but hey. Maybe one day Ill get there. (it may take a few more missions in my senior years to get their ;) )  But I guess what I am saying is that I feel like I am learning and growing which is super sweetness! And makes me happy about serving a mission. I mean that's part of the reason we are here. So goes the famous saying you can't convert anyone beyond your own conversion and that you will have at least one convert on your mission, being yourself, because we do come to to become more like the Savior and try to encourage others to do the same all along the way. You learn from sharing and you grow by teaching. its super cool. :)

Well I look forward to another great week in the bay as the heat starts to come in.... hope I don't melt.

Love ya all,
Elder North

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