Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New companion

Date:  October 31, 2016

Area:  Richards Bay, South Africa
Companion:  ???

So my companion came to the end of his mission and has now left me.... eish.....

It was an awesome four weeks with Elder Mupumha I learned a lot from him. He is a powerful missionary, we did our best to "die" strong, not easy as I am sure many of you know what its like.

He has a strong testimony and will truly help the work continue in Zimbabwe. Now that he is gone I will most likely get a mini missionary, but we don't have any young men preparing to go on mission in any of the surrounding branches so we will be looking for a return missionary who is available to come and be my companion for the next two weeks. Well we will see what happens, we might have someone who can come work with me he is in his thirties and from Enseleni.

The Family we found a while ago sadly didn't go as we hoped and we have moved on but you know what they say. one door shut, another open. Sometimes we are just planting the seeds to be reaped later.

We were able to meet with Portia, the women who had concerns about a friend who recently passed, because of time we unable to share a lot with her but gave an overview of the plan of salvation, she brought a friend who was visiting from Umlazi who seemed pretty interested as well. I hope things will work out. we are planing a day to see her again soon.

Currently I will be working with Elder Waeni from Zim and Elder Reed from Utah. They were both companions in Lesotho when I first went that side. 

An excerpt from my letter to president

It was an interesting week having it be Elder Mupumhas last week, we tried our best to keep working hard and we did some tracting in town which is of course known to be the hard area and missionaries usually avoid it. I just cant help but think there are people there as well. Mupumha told me he had never worked town and didnt think we would find anyone willing to listen or even kind enough to say hi. We knocked and buzzed quite a bit and got the typical response of passive aggressive notions not interested in our delightful message. On the other hand we found about three people who were very kind hearted and one who became a new investigator. It was a great experience for both of us to see that there really is work to be done all over the place, no matter what the area is I know the Lord will prepare people. 

I had the great opportunity to call each member in my zone and do sort of a get to know you, how are you, how do you feel about mission, what can we increase. I got some amazing feedback from the zone and wow, I was blown away by the extreme and dedicated effort they are producing. I am really pushing for the same exciting buzz we had in Lesotho here in the bay. I think our excitement for the work goes a lot further than we see. I think things will really pick up the next two weeks as we all pull together and increase in encouraging each other to aim even higher and be even better.

Well that is about it for this week.  Love you all,
Elder North

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