Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New comp

Date:  November 14, 2016
Area:  Richards Bay, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Thorsen

So I got my new companion!  Elder Thorsen is my new comp!!!  Now those of you who read my e-mails or look at my pictures should recognize that name. He was in the same district as me in Toti, we were in the same district in Lesotho, and we were in the same zone last transfer and now he is my comp.  He is about 14 months out on mission so he is one group behind me. He is from Arlington Texas and loves golf and badmitten. He studdied for a year at BYU-I before he came on mission. Power dude, I have looked up to this guy my whole mission, he has always been a fantastic missionary and has always set a great example to me so I am excited to get to work and learn by his side for the next while.

Richards Bay is going well, last week I was in a threesome with Elder Reed, and Waeni. It was interesting but good. We spent a lot of time in their area and then the transfer ended on Thursday so we said goodbyes and started the process of recieving the new elders in the zone.

I currently stay in a boarding with four americans, I dont think I have been in a boarding like that before. The other elders are, Elder Reed from Utah, and Elder Bateman from North Dakota.  It's werid..... I learned this week from Elder Reed and a few others that I don't have an American accent, now I purposefully change the way I speak to be better understood. I pronounce all of my T's and talk slower, but I guess even when I try to speak in my normal American accent it still dosnt sound quite right. We will see if that is the case after living with four Americans and having an American companion 24/7.

I am still learing Zulu, my companion Elder Thorsen also wants to learn the language well, so our goal is to be able to teach the whole first lesson in Zulu by the end of the transfer.... wish us luck. It would be way cool if we could though!

Some awesome experiences this week, we had a few investigators come to church, but we had never met them. a family brought another family to church nad this was now two weeks in a row, like what!!! ya crazy!!!!  That never happens so that made us super excited. Also one of our investigators named Ntokazi when we saw her on the street walking by told us that she needed another book of mormon because she gave hers to a friend, we gave her two more and were smiling ear to ear because we hadnt been able to see her in about a week and a half and she is still powerful!

Oh ya I also forgot to say that I got a tick bite last week. That was terrible. I got tick bite fever. Tick bite fever has the same symptoms of maleria and it sucks. Luckily I caught it early, inflamed lymphnoids, so the doctor was able to give me some medication and we were able to stop it from getting any worse. I just experienced some headaches, tiredness, achee knees and was sore but thats all. Luckily I was able to keep working.

Well anyways I am super excited for this new transfer and know that it is going to be great! Elder Thorsen is such a great guy!

sorry for the short email but eish... time is of the essnese now of days. Love you all!!!
Elder North

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