Tuesday, September 29, 2015

End of transfers

Date:  September 28, 2015
Area:  Kimberly, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Jena
Week 14

So this was the last week of transfers and a ruff one work wise, but I still enjoyed it. We have started teaching a women named Philda and she is a powerful lady, she pretty much knows everything already and wants her son to learn more of the gospel. I really hope that we can see her progress to the point of making covenants with God before I leave :) Work work work there is no satisfactory substitute. As a missionary you need to work. It is not easy at all but it is worth it and the more you work the better things are. The more you enjoy the more you fall in love with the area as you work and serve them. 

My emails haven't really been up to par lately, so sorry about that, I always feel as if I am rushing them so I don't have time to put much detail in them but I hope you still enjoy.
Training complete!

I feel I need to say that I love this gospel, and so can you. Its not easy and like our prophet Joseph Smith once said, I don't know the exact quote, a religion that doesn't require much of us can't give us much in return. Yes it can be tough but it is worth it. Eternal life, the greatest gift our Father in Heaven has for us to return and live with him again!!!! Life is tough and my companion likes to say but we can do it with His help. Something that we say on mission is that no one will make it fun for you, you need to make your mission fun. The same applies for life, no one is going to go out of their way to make your life great but you can chose to make it happy. Something Hailey told me that I would like to share is God didn't create us to be sad. He created us to be Happy! it is a choice, a decision we have to make for ourselves, no its not easy but it is possible and it is easier through Christ. Give me any life challenge, question, concern or whatever and you can find help and answer to, in the book of Mormon! It teaches the fullness of the everlasting gospel and testifys with real power the truth of Christ and his divinity, I encourage you all to read, ponder and pray. to pray with real intent meaning to act on the answers given and I can promise you will be blessed, your life will become better, your relationships easier your love greater, your joy fuller. I love you all and pray for the best that you may have hope in all things and love the Lord you Savior.

Love the Lord and serve him the very best you can!

It is getting really hot now a days. We are hitting 35 degrees which is about 90 F. So it makes you want to stay inside when its that hot, but we have a job to do and need to work even if its blistering hot.

This week something crazy happened. In Bloem there were some shootings where school kids in uniform, school kids through highschool wear white shirt and tie, were getting shot so we were put on lock-down.

I had my first Braai in Africa. A Braai is a barbecue so I loved it of course. The whole zone brought meat and we just braaied and enjoyed so that was awesome. there is just something about braaing that makes you feel like a man. Cookin your own meat is satisfying. We got transfer news after and Elder Jena is leaving me. Sad to see my baba, papa, leave me but I am excited for my new companion his name is Elder Mashaba who is also from Zimbabwe so that's cool :) Elder Benisson my MTC companion will be training and that's crazy! so is Elder Adams who was also in my MTC group.

I got mail this week from Grandma Mary and North, Taryn, and Bro Utley. Thank you all for your support and love and prayers

Elder North

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