Monday, September 14, 2015

Week of September 14th from Africa

Me and elder Razafindrakoto (raza-feind-ra-ku-two)
Date:  September 14, 2015
Area:  Kimberly, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Jena
Week 12

Well I wrote on Friday so Ill try and think of some things to share haha.

So In pretty much all of South Africa there is something called load shedding. This is when the electric company turns of different areas electricity for about two hours to save electricity. It sucks. We came home from church and were super hungry, a bunch of 18-21 year old guys, but there was no power and we didnt have anything besides stuff that needs to be cooked, like chicken and what not. so we tried calling every member we had a number for seeing if they would like to feed us... No luck but not surprising haha. Eventually the power did come on and we started to cook seeing how we have now gone without food since 630 am and its now 2 oclock we were understandably starving and on the brink of death... just as we started getting all the food cooking the power went out again and we were left with half cooked meat and rice... bumber... we had to wait another hour for electricity haha. it was a little funny though.

I met a really old guy this week, we were doing some contacting in our area and
knock his gate, He let us in and talked for a bit. He is legally blind and lives on his own. We didnt teach him anything because he said he was a strong baptist, plus he wouldnt come to church anyways, it is really hard to teach old people, especially at his age when they can no longer move like they used to. He had some amazing tapestry's on the wall that I was amazed with, I have never seen a tapestry before, it is a picture made out of knitting cloth pretty much. I thought they were paintings when I first saw them but when I took a closer look I was blown away, and even more so when he told us he was the one that made them. He was such a sweet old man and I plan on visiting him weekly. I think that is a much part of missionary work as baptizing people. Just taking an hour out of my week to visit this man who only has his daughter come visit him who knows how often and then a lady that comes to clean. He has a lot of story's to tell and likes to talk your ear off, so of course we got a long just dandy.
My curtains in my boarding
Something Elder Jena likes to bring up while we are teaching someone with a christian background is that "we call ourselves christian dont we? and that means we follow Christ and try to do as He did." If we call ourselves Christians than we should strive to be all that entitles, helping those in need, being an example and loving one another.

A thought I had this week was about being loved, or better yet, not being loved. Feeling like an outsider, someone who dosnt fit in. We have all felt like this before and we have all beaten ourselves up over it, made ourselves feel worthless and unwanted. we tend to feel like no one wants to be around us and everyone else has their groups that we dont fit into. We see others having fun, fitting in, making friends, and being "loved". Yet we feel unloved... We feel as if no one understands. What about Christ? Christ was an outcast, the very son of God was rejected. He didnt fit in either. Was it because he wasnt good enough? was it because he did something wrong? In fact it was quite the opposite. He was good enough, and he was doing good. We may be judged and feel left out because of the morally correct choices we make in our lives. We may stand out as we dont partake of the worldly things that people have to offer. we may be out casts by our friends and family but upholding to the standards and truths we strive to live.We may not fit in just because life is tuff and not everything goes our way, we might not feel apart of the group just because of who we are. So was Christ, He was cast out, left out, hurt, and beaten. Its not because you arnt good enough. Dont any of you ever feel like you arnt good enough. I can
My desk gets a little messy sometimes.
promise that you are, and that you are loved, and if not by anyone here, Christ loves you. Is that not enough? Even Christs friend peter betrayed Him. Yet He carried on, He pushed through the hard times and now has a fullness of joy! Even when his friends rejected him and cast him out. I am sure he felt pretty sad about that and like he didnt fit in there. I am sure that has happend to some if not all of you, a friend all of the sudden leaving you out to dry. Push through the hard times in your life, get rid of the feelings of self doubt. Know that you are not alone and that you will never be alone. If no one else you have Christ, He knows what it feels like to not be accepted far better than you do yourself. He knows what it feels like to be made fun of, to be laughed at and hurt by those you care and love. He knows it all, He has felt it all. So pick you head up, look up and see the brightness of the day, see the good around you and feel the love that the Savior has to offer you. If you dont feel accepted, its not because you arnt good enough. Everyone goes through trials, some more than others. "the Lord gives his hardest trials to his strongest soldiers because He knows they can handle it." Put your shoulder to the wheel push a long. I love you all and pray that you dont feel discouraged or down on yourself. I can testify that things do get better as we put our trust and Faith to the Lord. All will work out in the end.

The chapel but most areas have to go to a internet cafe and pay for it so I am lucky this side.

so you go on exchanges with your zone leaders, so you stay with your companion and one of the zone leaders, you spend the day as a threesome.

and then you have Exchanges with your District leader, he has to go out with everyone in the district so there are only two others in my district so while he is with one of them I am put with the other.

today is the start of week 5 so transfers are on the 27th, two weeks from today.

we didnt this week but we were in bloem from two days, we usually get fed on mondays by the muluto family, shes is an amazing cook. We say she is the second  best mom in the world, behind our own of course. Sis dah, a RM feeds us like every other week usually but its been a while but she is feeding us tomorrow so chaching! and then sundays are like a 50/50 chance that we get fed lunch. so usally we can get like 1-2 meals from members and 3 on a really really good week. Perks of serving in Utah you get fed every meal every day practically. The people on the coast get fed more often than this side.

Um the biggest difference is payer, they just say "my Father", "Lord","God" or something along those lines at the end of every sentence, and its not everyone just like half the people do that. The church is still true this side :)

Stay blessed my Friends and Fam
Love with all my heart
Elder North

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