Monday, September 21, 2015

end the drought

Date:  Setpember 21, 2015
Area:  Kimberly, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Jena
Week 13

So what a week! it has just flown by!!!

The week itself really wasn't all that good. We got bunked a lot and didnt really have any progress with our progressing Investigators but hopefully that changes this week. 

I went to my first cricket match on Saturday, it was all right, I mainly just enjoyed it because I was outside in the sun for a couple hours. back home I would spend so much time out side, watching soccer, coaching soccer, playing soccer, reffing soccer or even just hiking and what what. so it was nice to just be outside enjoying the rays. but I enjoyed them a little to much. I got fried like a kfc chicken. what made it worse is that we had baptisms the next day and I was sooo red haha 

So the drought in Kimberley has ended its been I think close to six months here without a baptism, and still a drought for my area but the other guys had 3 baptisms. their names where Elizebeth, Tlabiseing and Tokelo. The first two are around 19 years old and the last is 8 years old. even though Tokelo isn't in my area I had the amazing opportunity to give her a blessing about two months ago and while doing so I just felt such a strong spirit and it has been one if not the most amazing experience of my mission thus far, I have had the chance to teach her once and then to baptize her. Her testimony at 8 years old was so amazing and ah I just loved the whole thing. so that was the highlight of my week or rather of my mission haha. 

We ate some noodles with a kind of white runny sauce from the Mulotos, um... and then sis tlabisange (the tl makes a weird sound) and I cant remember what we ate haha it was prob chicken and rice what what. what what is something they say a lot this side.

the weather is getting hot hot like in the 80s I think, its the start of spring

Flying on a broom

Other than that not much went on but it was still a great week, we did some service which was pretty intense. 

I love you all and pray you are doing well.

Elder North

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