Monday, June 6, 2016

Great Week

Date:  June 6, 2016
Area:  Maseru, Lesotho
Companion:  Elder Lenard
Week:  50

This was a great week. well because of transfers I didn't get my companion until Thursday, so I spent all week with Elder Masinga. He is an awesome Elder and we had a great time together and taught some great lessons.

That is quite the knock you took Taylynne, gonna leave a good scar.  His sister got hit with a baseball at close range and it popped open a spot on her chin that required 8 stitches. Thankfully there was no fracture of her face and only a couple of chipped teeth.  It has been really sore but each day is better and she can move her jaw a bit more.

My deepest sympathy's to the Tycksen's about Tyler, my thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.  Tyler is someone from our ward that past away this week.
Check out my new planner covers!!!

So My companion is Elder Leonard, he is from cape town SA, he is 27 years old and 15 months on mission. He loves the gospel, the people, and studying. He just loves! My new companion is great. He talks.... a lot. but its good, I have been praying to be a better listener. To talk less and hear more. I am working to listen well. he is a great guy.  We have had a great time together so far and have already started to see blessing pour out as we both increase ourselves to being completely obedient. We have tracting a lot in our short time together and have found some good success. found a women by the name of Ntau which means lion, but she is a girl so it means lioness which I thought was like the coolest name ever ( future middle name of child...maybe!) we also found a newly married couple so we are hopeful to teach them this week.

So I have been teaching at the EMT college once a week for quite a while now. one of the teachers family runs a church and the pastor recently died and they were leaderless. so they asked us if we could come and teach at their church.... we said YES! so its not in my area and the other missionaries get to take this one over. they now have a new pastor but want us to come teach every week. there are a lot of kids of all different ages and even some adults that come. the teacher asked if I could come this past week and help teach. Sister Chandler gave me the lead on the lesson about friends. choosing good ones. and being good ones. the class went very well! I met with the chandlers a couple days later and she told me that the Reverend of the church wanted to learn more but said he would only speak to Elder North. So even though it is not in my area I get to go teach this pastor and another one that is interested. I see them on Sunday and I am stoked. Sister Chandler said I must have maid some kind of connection while baring my testimony. 

It is one of the best things about being a missionary, being able to bare our testimony of the Saviour, our Lord, Jesus Christ every single day. and  do it with power and authority.

Funny note. I got the Sister and Elder Chandler (the senior couple) to start saying niceness haha

I am short for time today, we are going to go and hike a waterfall so I guess nature is calling! gotta run!

Love you all! God Bless!!!!

Elder M.North

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