Monday, August 3, 2015

Car Troubles and sore bottoms

Date:  August 3, 2015
Found some cool hills
Area:  Kimberly, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Jena
Week 6

So this week started great just as any other. Last Monday a member fed us which in Kimberley is divine intervention haha, she made mashed potatoes and it made me want to cry because it made me feel like I was back home I haven’t had them in a month and a half and it was soooo good, way better than pap. We eat a lot of rice and pap pretty frequently, usually with minced meat in a stew but not much meat, or with a piece of chicken and a stew to go over the pap or rice

Elder Jena
Around Kimberly
We had FHE at sister Mulutos house and it was amazing we were told a story of how there was a prisoner of war and he hadn’t seen his family in months, his family didn’t even know if he was alive. He got a hold of a piece of paper and wrote all he could to his family, there was only space for less than 30 words. We heard what he wrote and then we did the same. What would you write home in 30 words or less? I forgot the paper back at the boarding so I’ll tell you what I wrote. You should all do this activity and see what is the most important message you want to tell your family and loved ones in 30 words?

I heard a great quote this week "delay what you want for what you need" this was applied to a young woman who went through the long process of becoming a doctor, when asked how she did it she said I had to learn to delay what I wanted for what I needed. This hit me strongly as I realized this is why I’m on mission. I delayed what I wanted which was to be with my friends and family, to date, to go to school, to have fun back home because what I need to to become the man the Lord need me to be, to become his servant to lead and spread his word, to become a more loving person, to become a capable father and husband, to honor my mother and father, my priesthood and just to learn and grow to be all I can be. I think you can all apply this to your life. Delay what you want for what you need and you will see the blessing in your life, they may not be instant but they are bound. As the scriptures say, I the Lord am bound when ye do, but when ye do not ye have no promise. (something like that)

On bikes while our car is fixed.
I also had a really nice moment with a less active girl by the name Liberty, she is 19 and in her first year at university, she has become less active and we are trying to get her back to church, while talking with her I started on my testimony of the Atonement, which is you have any Idea of what I know to be true about this gospel it is I know the Atonement to be true. Our Savior, Our Elder Brother sacrifice his life for you, I don’t say us because the act wasn’t for us it was and act for you as an individual, He saw your face, He heard your name and then he felt every heart ache, every tear drop, every pain, every lonely thought, every ounce of shame guilt and humility, he felt it all, not for US but for YOU, He love you and because Jesus did this for YOU He knows how to help you, when you are sad, down, discourage, depressed, alone, afraid, and every ill-conceived thought enters your mind He can lift you up, brush you off, and help you to be okay because He has been there He has done that, for YOU because HE LOVES YOU! I know that Christ suffered for YOU so that he could help you. Trust in Him, rely in Him, He will bring you up and higher than you thought ever possible!
Planning time in the morning.  It is cold.  Good thing
I have thing great blankly.

So about the title of this email, our car was having some troubles so we took it in to the shop and it needed a new clutch and some other stuff that I don’t know because I’m illiterate when it comes to cars. So they said two to three days but it’s been 5 now and since we don’t have a car me and Elder Jena have been biking. it wasn’t too bad the first day but the second day we had to ride all over town and when we got on the bike, yikes it hurts your butt is sore! I was almost to the point of duct taping a pillow to the seat haha. At least it’s been keeping me in somewhat of some shape :) there is always a bright side to every situation. it also wasn’t us who broke the car  because we just got it from Bloem, and it was right as I became pro at manual it broke so that was a bummer haha.

So you guys all know how when you start a dance you say 5,6,7,8 and then go here they just say 1,2,1,2 real deep and you go I don’t know I thought it was funny.

Since its winter here its not hot in fact I wear a coat most days and one day when I was jogging in the morning there was frost on the ground, I haven’t been jogging since haha. In the middle of the day it gets warm enough for a short sleeve shirt but mornings and nights are cold cold.

Elder Jena has been kinda sick the past two weeks but he continues to keep working and not take a day off, he has thrown up twice on different days while walking through neighborhoods. It’s pretty inspiring because if I was him I would prob just stay at the boarding and rest so he is pretty cool.

When we are eating food that either doesn’t sound too good or look that great Elder Agyeman has a saying that "whatever doesn’t kill you makes you fart." and if you burp he says "that’s a nice testimony" haha he is pretty funny sometimes.

Not my money, a sister in the branch asked
me to put it in the bank for her.
So we found this cool place and went dirt biking and it was awesome! towards the end Elder Jena almost ran into me at the bottom of the hill but barley missed me causing him to fly into a ton of bricks, he did a flip and landed straight on his shoulder I thought he shattered it but he landed on a random pillow that was there among the bricks, it was crazy how that is right where he landed, blessings on blessings on blessings.

wow this letter is super long and I know back home I wouldn’t read a letter this long if it was sent to me so for those who did read I hope you enjoyed, I miss you all and love you guys! I heard from some friends this week in email and that just makes my day, please write me even emails I love it all!!!

I got some unexpected mail from the Elder couple, I got mail from you, Callie carter, grandma marry, and the Karoline :) happy day!!!!

Today for P-day we had our zone activity so we drove down to Bloem after a hassle of getting our car from the shop because they didn’t want to give it to us. We went to what they call the cheetah experience, so we say and pet some cheetahs, saw some lions, wolves and other cat animals it was super cool and made me feel like I really am in Africa!!! We played soccer as a zone after which is super fun because we got to play 8v8 all missionaries and I got to interact with some Americans again which is always nice to be able to relate so well with them. Elder Done is from Lehi and played on their High School team so he is really good and the rest of the Americans suck haha. It was a blast getting out on the pitch again like I was back in high school or playing a scrimmage at practice. It was a solid and super fun day!! :)

Love you all and keep on keepin on
Elder North

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