Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Time to fly fly away

We had to leave early this morning so that we could go down to Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City because Mikel's passport and visa came YESTERDAY just in the nick of time.  They told him if it wasn't there by 2pm yesterday they would be sending him to the Provo MTC.  He was trying to put on a brave face about that but I think anyone and everyone could tell that would totally bum him out not to get to head right off.  He might be emotional but he wants to go.  Always hard to say goodbye and watch them head through security and get lost in the crowds.  Lots of missionaries around today though so even though there was only one other guy scheduled with him from SLC to Johannesburg I have no doubt that plane to Atlanta was full of missionaries.  Missionary day seems to be every day these days not just Wednesday anymore.

We have all done better today as far as our tear.  Trying to hold them back and not set others off I think.  That doesn't mean they don't sneak out when nobody is looking.

It was a long long night.  Mikel was set apart by President Ghiz at 8:30pm Monday night June 22, 2015.  President Ghiz gave him a fabulous blessing and I think touch on most every topic.  It was a really wonderful blessing.  Then we came home and talked.  Uncle Karl was over and he was telling us Prison stories.  He is a guard.  After a little bit Mikel finally started to get the zoned face gone and get into the stories.  I think it was a nice distraction for a bit from everyone.

Then Mikel gave me a blessing and that was really sweet to be the first one he use the Priesthood with.  Then he ended up getting to do it again for Taylynne as she was really struggling.  Zane was in shut down mode and feel asleep on our bed since his and Mikel's was covered with all his stuff.  It was super cute though because at like 2 something in the morning when I moved him to his bed he was really out of it but then he climbed in bed and Mookie (AKA Mikel) said I love you buddy, sleep, then Zane said tight, and Mookie said don't, Zane let, Mooke the, Zane bed, Mooke bugs, Zane bite.  AHHH yup made the water works start again as I quietly shut the door.  I went in my room and prayed and thought and finally feel asleep.  I am so incredibly happy but it doens't mean it isn't hard.  He is in the right place but we will miss him.

Amber had gone out to a friends party for a bit and was partly surprised to find us still up working, she joined in and gave a couple things to Mikel from using on her mission that we forgot.  We got everything packed and he was slightly over the weight limit but we decided to just leave it and deal with it the next day if it was truly overweight.

This morning the kids all woke up to say goodbye to Mookie.  Zane would not hug him.  I had to bribe him to even get near him.  His way of coping but I knew that could crush Mikel.  I think if Zane didn't have a hard time at all it would crush Mookie even more though because those two are so close.  AND Mookie got to put his first sticker on his chart!

 Time to load up and go pick up the travel documents, grab a quick breakfast, and get to the airport.

 AND a final wave goodbye, so far this morning we have done pretty well not to ball our eyes out.

 Got the travel document and all is there and in order!  WAHOO to the Airport!

 oday when we weighed it indeed it was three pounds over.  The women told us it was over and we were deciding what to do.  Then she was kind of talking to herself and Jed went to put on the tag and she o don't touch it yet.  She was lifting it up and it was magically the right weight.  So we didn't have to pay any extra and he didn't have to take anything out.  Hard to fit two years of stuff in one suitcase.

After that it was time to say goodby.  I asked a nice TSA agent to take our picture and then it hit that this was it.  I smiled and hugged my boy, refusing to let tears come and send him off that way.  He would have totally lost it if I would have cried.  I have NO doubt about it.

Sure going to miss him!

 So I have been keeping myself busy with work, wedding stuff and of course updating his blog, reading other South Africa Missionary blogs, and last but not least tracking his flight!
He has now landed in Atlanta and has about a half an hour more before he gets onto the flight that will take him to Johannesburg, South Africa.  He will be there for a couple of weeks in the Missionary Training Center and then he will fly to Durban.  No clue when we will hear from him next.

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