Friday, May 19, 2017

Mother's Day

Date:  March 17, 2017
Area:  Bloemfontein, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Sithole

What a start to the week, so after emailing last week we go out of the email shop and start walking through town towards our car. We reach the place where we park and begin to look around....but our car is no where to be seen. I say we must have parked further down, knowing that this indeed is the spot. We look down and up and again, nothing. We saw some police officers across the road and made our approach to them to inquire about our missing vehicle. We asked if it was towed or possibly stolen. Their answer was less than comforting. They took us to the traffic department but unfortunately it was after 6pm and all have left the building. luckily we were able to check the tracker on the car and find out that had not been turned on since we left it which meant it must have been towed. Early next morning we went to the station to ask about our vehicle. It indeed was towed the municipality use the area that we parked as a way to get money by towing cars and making people pay to get them back. the place is not marked with signs to say no parking and is just behind a parking area which seems to be connected but unfortunately and apparently is not. We were unable to get our car back that day because the senior couple were out of town and we had no means of paying the release fee, so the other Elders picked us up and took us home. We live pretty far from our area but we didn't want to sit in all day so we packed our bags and put on our walking shoes. It took us about 40 minutes to get to the area and then another 20 to get to the appointment we had. we were able to be pretty productive and have a good day before making the 1hr trek back to our flat that night. Just look at the bright side, burning those extra kilograms before I get home :)
we were able to get our car back the following day and things have been great ever since

Nothing too out of the ordinary happened this week, just the same joy that comes every week as you give yourself to the service of the Lord. Being a missionary bring such happiness!!! Our investigators are doing well and boy do I love em! We are hoping that we will have a baptism before the end of the transfer but we will see how thing go, we want to make sure that they are really prepared and firm in their testimony before we take the next step. 

As you all know it was mothers day this past Sunday which is in my top 3 Sundays of the year!!!! especially as a missionary because we got to Skype to our families :) 
He freaked out a little about how tall Zane is now.

Last phone call home!  Can't wait to see him June 16th

Mothers are just something incredible right!? I shared this while skyping home but I will share it with the rest of you now. 

You know how in school when they tell you to write an essay they make you do a rough draft first. Now the rough draft serves as a way to see what your essay will look like, to look for mistakes and to be able to outline your plan. they usually are pretty close to what the essay is meant to become, just lacking some things or having some faults and errors. So just as we make a rough draft before the final product, God does the same. First he created Man, big, bulky, clunky, and rough around the edges. He then saw what he had made and realized we would need some improvement, so he started out on his final product. smoothing out the edges, adding a little here and a little there. He perfected his creation and the product is known as women. I mean just look at women, their love, their patience, their tenderness, their motherly love. and so much more. I mean who can look into a mothers eyes and not see the sparkle of heavens light!? so ya women and especially mothers are grand and just about perfect! I am thankful for Mothers and the Mothers to be!!!!

I hope you all appreciate and love your mothers and motherly figures in your life!

Elder North

If you haven't gotten the word Mookie comes home in June!  His homecoming will be June 18th in our ward at 11:00am.  With a lunch to follow at 12:30pm at our house.

Our church address is: 742 West 14400 South, Bluffdale, Utah 84065
Our home address is:  4111 Red Tail Drive, Riverton, 84065

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