Thursday, March 9, 2017

What a great week!

Date:  March 6, 2017
Area:  Bloemfontein, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Mbangi

We had several great lessons this week but the one that still really stands out to me was an experience that we had with a young women named Mulondo. She is Vender and from Limpopo. (Limpopo (UK: /lɪmˈpəʊpəʊ/) is the northernmost province of South Africa.) We have been meeting with her for awhile but it's been a process to really teach, there have  been questions, or she has been sick or just rescheduling so we finally were able to string together a few good visits and we invited her to be baptized. We were not sure how she was going to take the invitation because she attends church with her friend who constantly invites her and we know she dosn't want to leave her friend but she accepted! She replied with "That is why I was asking about baptism". We then invited her to come to church and she actually came! Wow it was grand. (Hey he sounds like Amber saying Grand!) We still have a lot of ground to cover but she has the desire and that is what makes all the difference. We are going to swing by her place today to wish a happy birthday to her and her friend we also teach. She turned 21 last week and her friend Thsaman turns 20 today. They are super cool girls though and we enjoy teaching them
GREAT message!

Another great event of the week happened while we were street contacting near the university. We met a lady named Rethabile, when we stopped her she told us she was from Kimberley. (I started my mission there) So off the bat we began talking about Kimberley and then she asked if I knew this guy. I said yes I do! How do you know him? She told us that she has visited church in Kimberley before and is good friends with this guy. She also knew a few other people that I knew there so that was cool. She even used to visit with the missionaries, but this was two years ago. She told us that she started a church search way back then but got side tracked with school and life, but that she is still looking for a church to call hers. We saw her this week and taught about prayer and then invited her to church the following day. She came as well!!!! That never happens, two new investigators coming to church in the same week! So needless to say it was a great week. It was actually really funny how we met with her this week. We had written down on Saturday that we were seeing Rethabile. We met another Rethabile this week and we were supposed to see the other one. We didn't realize it because we called the first one on our list and asked if she was home. She said sure come over and everything just worked out perfect. The Lord is in control haha I think it was just right for us to come on that day to help answer her questions.

We have made some plans to get referrals and we are going to start giving Book of Mormon's to people at church asking them to hand them out to friends or family. We are hoping this way we will get to start teaching part member families as well. Unfortunately, we were unable to get three member referrals this week but we did get half of one. A members cousin who came to church said that she would not mind meeting with us, but they say that this girl is a bit unpredictable so we are still trying to set up a time to visit at the members home if possible.

Lets see what else........ Well Elder Mbangi is great, its like he has been on mission for a long time. I really don't have to train him, He knows his stuff so that makes it a lot less stressful on my side. He loves laughing as well. 

One of the most important things I think in missionary work is love. Of course you need to have a love for the savior and want to serve Him but also you need a love for the people you are teaching. I really love the people we sit with. I love South Africa. The cultures and the diversity are just amazing. In this area I meet, Sothos, seTswannas, Afrikans, Zulus, Xhosa, Shonas, Indabeles, Vender, Tsongan, Swati's, Spede's and its awesome even if I don't understand any of the languages they speak haha.

If the people I meet with gain all but one thing I hope its that they feel the love I have for them. I hope they feel it and that sparks something. I want them to know that I am not here for myself or for my Church but for my Savior and for them. I wake up every day and talk to people all day because I love them, because I love them I have to share what makes me happy. And because I love them I pray for them, because I love them I stress way too much haha but really its just because of love. They call a mission the labor of Love and its so true, its hard but you are always willing to sacrifice for those you love. It is out of love that I leave the ones I love at home spend all my time with people in a foreign land over 16 thousand kilometers (Ahh he doesn't use miles anymore, he has made it his home there) away from home.

Its really hitting me now that I have less then 100 days out here. Less then 100 days to give everything I got. To serve, To love.  These 100 days are going to be the best 100 days of my life!!!!

Love you all so bad!!! 
Elder North

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