Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Great Week

Date:  March 13, 2017
Area:  Bloemfontein, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Mbangi

So we taught a new Investigator named Auspicious this week. It was such a cool lesson. So we were busy talking about prophets and how God had called prophets through out time such as Noah and Moses. How God used these prophet to tell the people what God wanted. I made the example by having her reach out her hand in a fist. I told her that her fist is us, people on the world. Then I held out a pen. I said that it was the prophet. Then I put my other hand in a fist saying it would represent God. God speaks to the the prophet, so I grab the pen, and the prophet speaks to us. So she grabs the other end. I then asked her if she had ever seen God. She said no, so I told her to close her eyes. I then said that we could follow God if we hold on to the prophet. As I moved my hand (resembling God) hers followed because we were connected by the pen (prophet) then I took away the pen (prophet) and asked her to close her eyes and follow God (my Hand) obviously she could not do so. She then started clapping! Exclaiming that it just makes so much sense. She became so excited as she learned about the importance and calling of prophets. it was cool! It doesn't all end there though. As we ended the lessons we opened the Book of Mormon to its introduction page and started talking about the book. She then asked where she could get one. Our response was that the one in her hand was hers to keep. She didn't believe us at first but after a short confirmation that it indeed is hers she then asked how much it coast. We let her know it was free and she just couldn't believe it! She told us that Christmas had come early! We then talked about how important the Book of Mormon is and that if the book is true then God does have prophets today, even a church! That the message that we share is indeed true!

We also met with Rethabile this week who was at church last week. We had some great lessons with her. I have never met someone with such a clear understanding of the restoration from reading the pamphlet we give. She knew everything! There literally was nothing more we could teach her on the subject, It was so cool! she is awesome. Both Auspicious and Rethabile are scheduled for baptism next month. We will see how things go.

It was a great week over all. Finding new people who are prepared makes staying motivated a lot easier. Mission is a blast and there is so much to do and experience. I really do get to meet some of the best people in the entire world!!! South Africa is too cool!!!!

Elder North

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