Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

Date:  December 19, 2016
Area:  Richards Bay, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Thornsen

This week I will begin with some stories of how the work this side is going and then I will share a few thoughts that I have about Christmas and the meaning there of.

We had our Mission Christmas party this week, that was a bunch of fun, half of the mission was there so it was good to see some old faces. One in particular who was Elder (Coleman) Nelsen, I had biology with him in high school and he is in my stake back home. It was cool to finally see someone from Riverton!!! We played some games at the Christmas party, did a nativity, and ate a great lunch. Day well spent. The problem was the taxi, because we are trying to save the amount of K's we drive we had to take a taxi which is pretty much a mini van down to Durban, it took about 2 and a half hours to get there and this taxi was ridiculously uncomfortable the entire way.... eish.....
Elder Nelson from back home in Riverton.
This right here is my mission mom!  Sister Thomspon!

A major blessing this week cam for us just yesterday at church. So we visit this Sister who is Less active, she has been inactive for over 11 years and just recently have things begun to change. We meet with her fairly regularly but nothing to grand has come of it. She has been through hell and back with a lot of the trials she has gone through. Well this Sundays we saw her walk through the doors of the chapel. My jaw must have dropped. She came to church!!! we met with her that night and she has committed to get a temple recommend and get her life right before the Lord. As we were meeting with her we that night we made plans to begin teaching her daughter as well. I have been praying for a way to start teaching this family ever since I got here and now those prayers have been answered! Hallelujah. 

Now Christmas!!!!

What is Christmas? Well to me its family, gifts, laughs and fun. 
Nights with grandma, mornings with brothers and sisters. days of anticipation, moments of thrill. hours of waiting and plenty of food. but is that really all? of course its not.

I am so thankful to my wonderful Mom and Dad who did their best to teach us the true meaning of Christmas, that is not about what you get but what you give. I love this time of year because its so naturally centered on Jesus Christ, we hear all to often the story of his birth. It is more than just a story though, it is so much more. It is hope, it is peace, it is joy, that's what the birth is all about, that's what it brings to me. When you are a missionary you spend Christmas away from your family for two years.... its tough... it really is haha. I remember last year at this time and especially Christmas day, nothing like it used to be and you quickly realize how important being with those you loved and celebrating together really is. You see how much you miss that nativity you used to dread every year. you realize that the most exciting part isn't opening gifts but seeing someones face light up and spreading that light to each other. I want to keep it short and I don't want to give a 30 minute talk, although I could on the subject. Its a season of cold weather, Now if you are anything like me, the cold brings us close. haha "cuddle weather" as I like to say, well isn't that a message in it of its self. We are supposed to come together, now I don't mean we have to physically be together but together in love and spirit. Its a season to make memories that last. As we remember the birth of our savior let us show that we love him in word and deed this year. do something more. the church has wonderful insights on this year and a bunch of daily posted videos on how we can really #Light The World  we can spread the Light of Christ. its really simple and makes you feel all the warm and fuzzes inside.  

Well There was just a bit of scattered thoughts and words that probably dont make too much sense but its alright. all in all I know that my Savior lives and loves me, and each one of you! Merry Christmas!

Elder North

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