Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What an interesting week

Date:  July 18, 2016
Area:  Mseru, Lesotho but currently in Bloemfontein, South Africa.
Companion:  Elder Lenard

As you know I am not in my area due to my companions eye surgery. No we have not just been doing nothing we actually did quite a bit of work this week. We did a lot of door to door knocking and trying to find less active members here in Bloemfontein specifically the Rocklands area. It was amazing, it felt so good to get back out on the streets and do missionary work again. 

As I wrote to President Thompson:

We spent a good part of this week tracting, which was fantastic. I never thought I would enjoy tracting as much as I did this week. Just getting into full groove of missionary work again has been great!  I guess it brought back memories of when I started my mission and how excited I was for everything. Thus the saying you never know what you have till its gone. This past couple of weeks of more of downtime has made me appreciate being a missionary so much more. It has completely reminded me of how much I truly love being a missionary in every aspect of the word! I hope that I can keep this remembrance of excitement and joy for the work for the rest of my mission. 

We found an amazing investigator this week. She is a young women who knows the bishop of Thaba Nchu. She already likes the church and its standards and seems very omitted in learning more about our message. we taught the restoration to her and she had good questions about it which shows her genuine interest. It is sad that I will be going back to Lesotho this week and will be unable to continue teaching this family. I hope the other missionaries have success as they bring them unto Christ. It is funny how in such a short time you can really grow to love people. I think it all comes through the service and sacrifice. I think those are the two best ways to love someone. and of course the spirit helps you to see those you teach with spiritual eyes and see there potential and the love the Lord has for them as well. Being a missionary is great for so many reasons and that is a huge one. being able to love people and see who they really are is such a blessing and a half!

It will be nice being back in Lesotho and knowing the area and people. I hope we can use the rest of the transfer to really do some great things in the area.

nothing super exciting or interesting went on this week except for teaching some people and tracting but it was in all a good week I think.

Sadly the computers here are still making it impossible to send pictures but oh well I guess next week you will get a lot :) Its kinda weird taking pictures  because we pull out an actual camera we tried to have this women take a picture for us and she didnt even know how to use the camera and she is only 35 probably. Its funny. we are so used to cameras built into our phones, and we rarely see people with actual cameras besides the big professional ones.

I love you all so much and thank you for your love and support throughout my mission

Elder North

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