Thursday, April 21, 2016

weeks are going fast here in Lesotho

Date:  April 18, 2016
Area:  Maseru, Lesotho
Companion:  Elder Woodland

aya, atah, hola hola, howzit fam and friends!!!!

This week was again fantastic, (Mission is fantastic so you know every week will be like that....) so we got transfer news and Elder Woodland and I will be staying together for at least another six weeks! woot woot! 

So to start off I really like my letters to the mission president so I may add them in here quite frequently so here it is...

The learning never stops! We have been blessed to be able to work closely with the Chandlers in teaching at a college of EMT students. I feel like I should be one of the students as well because when the Chandlers share there part of the lesson I always learn something new. I hope one day I can be as wise as Elder Chandler, Huls, or Roberts. It never stops to amaze me on how vast their knowledge really is. The Senior couples are a real blessing to me throughout my mission. I remember when I first came on mission and was struggling over homesickness, Sister Huls was there to step in a help me through that through here motherly character. It was calming and needed. The Roberts shared such a love for the gospel that we all need and all of the Senior couples have set the very best example to the missionaries in ways of conduct and attitude. It makes me excited for the day I get to serve as a senior couple.... but for now I get the pleasure of full time proselyting missionary!

This week we were able to meet with an investigator family twice. This family is nothing like any other family I have ever taught before. We came back to their house to follow up on lesson one and to our great surprise, they didnt just read the pamphlet but had filled out every available space in the margins with questions and thoughts and concerns. They are so prepared and I love it! they ask great questions and understand so well. They love learning the principles and have started to realize they love it because its true! the family consists of a Man and women who are not yet married but have been "married"for some time now. they have a baby on the way and love the concept of eternal families and temples and celestial glory! I look forward to every visit that we have with them because the spirit always fills the room. This one family makes your whole mission worth while, We have set them on a b-date and are praying hard that they continue to progress, money is a bit of an issue to get to church but we know with faith and their earnest desire that there will be a way.

We have also found many people that dont live in our area but live in other missionaries areas. We have found great joy in seeing them progress and come to church and prepare for baptism as well.

This transfer has just blown by and Elder Woodland and I are excited to start out a new transfer with experience with each other and the area, we hope this will make this transfer the most effective yet. We are excited to get the member missionary work rolling to a good start. 

This coming Sunday we will be having a baptism from every set of missionaries in our district. I have never had this happen in my area and it has been great to be apart of it.

Thank you for your love and support and confidence in us, 
Elder North

and there you have it, that is pretty much how my week went it was great! I love you all and pray for you! 

Elder North

Hiking Semonkong Waterfall

When missionaries get bored and cannot sleep.

I sat with some Bosotho ntati's I am holding some
traditional beer called umqombothi

Is that a moving plant?

Pigs head for sale at the store.

Some of the students in our EMT class.

We are Lesotho people.  We see people walking
around like this all of the time.

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