Sunday, April 10, 2016

Time is going fast

Date:  April 4, 2016
Area:  Maseru, Lesotho
Companion:  Elder Woodland
Week 41

Well I have said it for about the past three weeks but what the heck, time is going. I just got an email from a friend back home who got his mission call and that just blows my mind, it has already been over a year since I got my call which also just seems so crazy to me!

Elder woodland and I are doing well, and trying our best to find people to teach. We just had interviews with our mission president and he really wants the work here in Lesotho to pick up so there is a lot on our shoulders. We just hope we can hold it up, but we know we can with the Lords help. This was my last interview with our mission president, he goes home at the end of june and we get a new mission president. It was really weird thinking of it that way. I sure will miss President Z.

On Sunday we had a great day, we didn't have any appointments at all, which is normal but oh well. but the great part was that we didn't go tracting like we do most days. instead we found many opportunities to do service. we helped some ladies carry a bunch of giant tent polls up a mountain, carried a young girls bag of rice to her house and helped take water from the pump up the mountain as well. It was really fun and we got a bunch of little kids playing and following us the whole time. sadly no pictures because it is a sketchy part of town and I dont want to get robbed. oh well. funny story actually, we were walking back to our car at night and it was dark, again this is a shady place of town. while walking to our car two guys were following us so I went around our car not opening it because I don't want to get hijacked, they then followed me around the car so I was just like, crap ima get robbed real quick.... so I put the keys in my fist and got ready.... they came up to us then just walked past haha. they were just pranking us but it wasn't to funny for me... well maybe it is now.... but ya I thought I was going to get stabbed so I am glad that didn't happen.

again we have just been knocking doors this week, not much has happens. we are trying to work with members but the problem is we don't know where any live so we are getting a list of people in our are soon I hope. 
Staff that teach the EMT class

I had exchanges with Elder VanWinkle this week and that was awesome, he is such a great missionary, I look up to him a lot and we had a power day. He goes home in June but he hasn't died yet, he is still going strong which you don't always see, so I definitely want to be like that when I am left with a few months. as for Woodland and I, we are doing grand. We have loved teaching at the EMT college once a week. we teach a two hour morals class full of about 60 women and 20 guys ages 18-26 so they are a blast. last week we taught them about the plan of salvation and how it helps to know where we came from, why we are here, and where we go after we die, especially when working in the medical field where you encounter many casualties. 

we also teach a family home evening with the senior couple at a gogos house and 10-20 kidos join us and they are fun as well. we taught them about honesty this week. it can be hard because they don't really know English so we rely on a lot of translation help from the adults.
EMT class we teach

I am loving Lesotho! I am loving mission! if any of you have thoughts about going on one, stop thinking and go, just do it and it will bless not only your life but so many more!!!!

Love Elder North

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