Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bonus letter (pictures) from Elder North today.

Date:  November 5, 2015
Area:  Kimberly, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Mashava
Week 19

So this is just a super cute baby that I fed and got to hold a bit, cool guy named Quinton. :) I like babies, until they start to cry or stink then I am not a big fan....

The toilet seat is in the Bloemfontien elders boarding. it says Aim High... so the previous elder their got a Dear John by his girlfriend so they put her picture on the seat and wrote aim high!! haha too funny. Other elders will burn pictures and make a grave to bury them but this one is top class.

Just a picture after church of sister dah and her boyfriend spho

We played some rugby and soccer on Monday in bloem with the zone. It is always great to see other missionaries! in Kimberley we are kind of left on our own. I love Rugby it is super fun, I got pretty beat up playing though haha

This is Gratitude, she stays with Liberty who is less active. Gratitude isn't a member but we have shared some lessons with her as we meet with Liberty. I put on her headband and posed like we were bffs.

Past a sign, welcome to faith city. The Ironic part is this sign is at the boarder, which is a colored area, (coloreds are people who are half and half, like one black parent and one white so they are tan I guess) its the most dangerous place in Kimberley I think and so its kind of funny. Maybe its you need faith to enter I don't know.

This is Elder Chapmen, He is awesome. He is from Ccali but is Tongan so he is obviously huge so he lifted us up like we were a bag of feathers.

Oh ya it was Halloween! we dont celebrate that one here... or Thanksgiving :(

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