Monday, November 23, 2015

5 months old!

Me and my comp Elder Sibeko
Date:  November 23, 2015
Area:  Amanzimtoti, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Sibeko
Week 22

Wow today I turned 5 Months! I'm just getting out of my pampers!

It was a great week, I am really starting to settle in the area and get to know people which is awesome! Love for the people is the most important thing in this work. 

So a question was posed and a meeting we had as missionaries on what does God find joy in? The answer is us, when we do something good that makes him happy, He is our Father. just like any parent find joy in seeing the success of their children our Father in heaven is the same way.

Water in interesting glasses.
I had the awesome chance to go on exchanges with Elder Knight in Margate which is further south from Toti. I had such a fun time with him, sadly my camera died at the beginning of the day so I didn't get to take many pictures of the beautiful are we were in. He is such a great guy our personality's just clicked and I had a super fun day! we got the chance to explore an abandoned house that was super creepy but cool, ended up finding two people that are living in this unfinished house. We taught a baba who lives two hours away from the chapel but he drove all the way to come and visit us and have a tour of the church, It was power!!!! Later I found out that Elder Knights grandpa is Elder Cook the apostle so that was cool too!

I have been so happy this past week because I feel like I am myself again, I was struggling to bring my personality into the work of salvation but this week I just felt more like myself, was able to laugh and smile more which just makes everything so much better. this week has just flown by!!! the work is still tough and we work a lot, I sometimes have to do some jumping jacks or something before we go into a lesson to make sure I don't fall asleep in someones house while teaching haha. so I have definitely been tired lately, more than usual so maybe I need to get some more sleep.

We had ZTM (zone training meeting) this week and one lesson I enjoyed was about brotherhood, and how us as missionaries need to have a sense of brotherhood. Something I have shared with investigators is this: Ill ask "why do we refer to each other as brother and sister?" Yes because we are all sons and daughters of God and literally are brothers and sisters but to me I think of my family, I would do anything for my fam and when I call you brother it means that I got your back no matter what. That's how it should be, we call each other brothers but yet we don't do the action to show it. as brothers we stick together, go through pain together and go through joy together!

I am loving my mission, its fun, its hard, and so so good!
Love you all,
Elder North

Toti beach!  
In my boarding is me, Sibeko, Kaitoo, and Dean.

on the rocks at the beach!
  QUESTIONS from mom...

1. When was the last time you laughed with your companion and why? What makes you laugh in your area? How do you stay light hearted?  Um I think the last time me and my companion laughed we were at a member’s house and we were just talking and making jokes. I love just trying to make others laugh and so Ill dance my silly little dances and just have fun. Something that Elder Agyman would always say was no one will make your mission fun for you, you have to do it yourself. so I always just try going into people’s house to make them smile, if you get to actually love them then the work just comes naturally, this gospel is about love. Like Joseph smith says you could call our religion kindness.

My first bunny chow.  Mutton and curry!!!

2. What has your mission president been doing to inspire the mission? What do you love about your mission president?  I love our mission president, President Z! is the best he just encourages us to be a creative mission to think outside the box to get people to see the joy of the gospel, he encourages us to go forth with zeal and enthusiasm!!!

Future missionaries!

3. Are there any inside jokes in your mission? What is your current mission theme right now?  Um, Inside jokes about mission, Im not sure, we call those females that get missionaries in trouble snakes. you need to be careful... they bite
our them or mission vision is 2nephi20:13

4. What was your favorite meal from members during the mission so far?  um back in Kimberley we had just some nice chicken it was cooked so good and we had the best mashed potatoes. we dont eat mashed potatoes much so it made me think of home which is why I loved it so much!
See there really are monkey's everywhere.

5. What is your favorite smell in your area right now? Least favorite?  my favorite smell haha um probably my deodorant haha but actually I like the smell of the ocean or if it rains. The worst smell is the burning of trash in the township, that smells terrible.
Me and Elder Kaitoo (K2), He is way chill.
 6. What are some of the local sayings and interesting things people say in your area?   well the best one is what they call white people if you are in the township. its gqongqa. thet q's are clicks and so its hard to say but its awesome haha Ill go to people and just say in zulu that my name is gqongqa, I have learned quite a bit of Zulu now and can ask a nice handful of questions, it will be cool to tell you some during Christmas!
Elder Knights mom sent him this blanky.  He told her
in an e-mail one day that he wished he
could just give her a hug.  HAHHA  :)

Tree swing in Margate :)

Another picture from outside my window.

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