Monday, October 12, 2015

Priesthood Power!

The Hul's and President Z and his wife and us missionaries.
The Hul's are going home soon.  Makes me sad because
sister Hul was a great help to me when I first got here and
was missing my mum a lot.
Date:  October 12, 2015
Area:  Kimberly, South Africa
Companion:  Elder Mashava
Week 16

How are you all doing! Hopefully you are making the best of your fantastic lives and living and loving all you can! Time goes too fast to sit and be sad mad and blue, its time to get up and do something new, go outside, jump in a puddle, sing a song out load and get made fun of for your terrible voice, and just have fun and laugh! God is good, all the time...... all the time, God is good!

I love that I know Jesus Christ loves us! I hope you know it to, because it is true!!! Something my companion likes to say is that "God loves me more than anyone else on the face of the earth, you know how I know that? Because He always answers my prayers" Guess what! He will answer yours too!!!

I have come to the conclusion that everyone whether they know it or not, has a desire to be close to God, to know Him, and know His plan for them, to know their purpose in life. I have found the answer to this world wide problem of confusion on who God is, what his plan is, and if he really does love us! Do you want to know my secret? Of course you do so i'll tell you, its simple... The Book of Mormon. Huh what, that's the answer? Yes, yes it is the answer and there is only one way for you find out if it is. Read it, pray about it and I know you will love it!

So I got to see the power of the priesthood as I was able to give a troubled girl a blessing. This young girl at the age of 8 was troubled emotionally, physically and spiritually, she was abused, mistreated and scared. She was seemingly beyond the help of therapist and psychologist alike, but not beyond the help of God. I had the opportunity to give this girl a blessing. We came back to visit the family a few days later and to their amazement their daughter was back to her normal self after quite a lengthy period of being troubled angry, and aggressive. Trough the power and grace of God she was "healed" from her troubled state, I was a firsthand witness of the true divine power and authenticity of the priesthood, God lives and loves us and I know it for sure!

A quote that I have loved has been "do your best and forget the rest" I now have a bit of a twist I would like to add to it, Do your best and God will do the rest, I like this version a lot more as it is so true that after all we can do Christ will bring us up and help us finish the job.

I saw some funny things this week. First of all a guy so drunk that his pants were about to the back of his knees, underwear and all so his butt was just there as he was walking around Kasi haha. Made me laugh a little, people are funny, moral of the story. Dont drink to much haha.

We saw a guy, obviously high on glue, having his own little party in the street. We rolled the window down to say hello and he started saying who knows what and then ended up just spitting on us haha funny people. Moral of the story, don't sniff glue.

Elder Mashava works hard and it is so great to have him pushing me to work my best. We are looking forward to some good changes in the area as we start to push on our investigators with a little more emphasis. With Mashavas age he can relate to a lot of things investigators have gone through, being born outside of the church and finding his life not in order, partying to much, drinking to much and life just not right he found the gospel and everything changed. He is a strength to me and a example to all! 

Answers to some questions:

Do you keep your passport on you?  I don't carry my actual passport with me, it is in a safe at the mission home. I carry a paper copy though.

What are the professions of the people you teach?  Most people are in construction, nurse, or teacher. There is a lot of unemployment. 

Are there really no sister missionaries in South Africa?  There are no sister missionaries not even native ones. They used to have sisters in the mission but cars get hijacked too often, people get robbed a lot and then two sister missionaries got raped so they no longer allow them in the whole of South Africa. It is a pretty dangerous mission, just two days ago a senior couple got robbed. Every 2 months or so you here about some missionary getting Hijacked which is when they smash your car and take it and everything it or they do what we call a smash and grab, when you are parked at a robot with a car in front and behind you so that you can go anywhere they will smash your windows and grab everything out of your car and by the time you realize what is happening they have already taken everything. Missionaries get robbed at knife and gun point pretty often, I've heard of since I have been here a couple of smash and grabs and of a couple missionaries getting robbed at knife point, one got sliced in the foot. So if you go through your two years without getting mugged once then you are pretty lucky it seems. haha.

I hope and pray Arley is doing well

I love you and pray for your safty, protection, and that you may enjoy the little things.

Elder North

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