Friday, August 12, 2016

update from Lesotho

Date:  August 8, 2016
Area:  Mseru, Lesotho
Companion:  Elder Leonard

Okay fam,
Tract..... knock..... buzz....... all of these things have been a big part of my week. we dont really have to many progressing investigators at the moment and our teaching pool has shrunk which means we go back to the grind and get knocking on those doors.
Bolelang, our old investigator moved to the other missionaries area so we are no longer teaching her which kinds sucks for me because I love this women and pray constantly that she will be able to progress in the gospel.
Nelson and his wife have been super busy and out of town a lot so its still a work in progress with them.
We do have a new girl named Kilebile. We found her tracting a while ago and now she is progressing well, She can't come to church often because she has school on Sundays, but we are very hopeful of her.
We are really trying to get the less active members to start coming back to church and we may not have success in the numbers department but I do feel like our work is getting us somewhere. We are trying our best out here and really that's all we can do.
I have really been enjoying the scriptures this week. I mean ah they are good. I always try to read them with a pen in hand and when I do find things that speak to me, I can mark them.  Lessons that I need to learn and important messages and truths that I otherwise miss. If we study with real intent and a desire to know more we will gain so much more out of our studies.
Lesotho is starting to get pretty cold most days and we are bundling up for it.
I road a taxis to church this week which was quite a fun experience. Now taxis here aren't like what we got in the USofA. They are soccer mom vans that they fill to the brim with passengers.  They stop anywhere all time cutting everyone off to unload and load different passengers. Its quite hectic but it got us there. It makes it even more difficult because you find that a lot of them don't speak any English so explaining to them our destination can be a struggle and a half.

God lives, His son Jesus is my Savior. He is the reason and source of my joy, my hope and love.

Thank you for your prayers and love,
Elder North

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