Thursday, January 28, 2016

dedeli igazi

This has been a great week! lots of awesome experiences from investigators to less actives to fully active members!

To start of the week we had DDM (destrict develpment meeting) we drove down to margate which is about an hour away (How far? about an hour) (Inside joke for the fam) when we arived at the chapel we were called to action! the whole chapel flooded! a pipe in the cycling burst causing about 2-3 inches of water in the entire building. Needless to say we were unable to attend our meeting, we instead spent the next 3 hours bailing out the chapel and sorting all the ruined books from the still okay ones. It was quite the mess indeed. The best part about the trip to margate though was fish and chips. there is an amazing fish and chips place that is to die for, any time we go to margate we make sure we stop for the best fish in SA.... well as far as I am concerned. 

This week we also had a ward soccer game! Its a pretty big deal actually, we have uniforms and everything. I played keeper because frankly there was no one else I trusted and I was glad to not run as much in the blazing heat and humidity. sadly we lost 3-0 which I guess is what you get when I am put in goal haha. it was a fun game, got pretty heated at moments. But I guess its a lot like church ball in aggression and bad referee sense.

So onto things of a little more serious nature I guess

an interesting statement said in church this week was "by keeping the commandments we are becoming heros" we really are, they arnt easy and we are overcoming such temptation when we obey Gods commands. its no easy feat by any means.

Its been an interesting feeling throughout this week when I have reflected to see how I have been doing, am I working hard enough? Am I doing what the Lord expects of me? I must admit I have felt pretty lax this past week in the sense of feeling like I wasnt working hard enough. I brought it up with elder adams mentioning my concern that I dont know what else I could change to work harder. We then went through the week to see what we have accomplished. We came to realize that we have been working very hard and I think why I dont feel like it is because I was used to tracting all day and getting nothing out of it but a sweaty shirt and stinky feat. We realized that every single time we have gone tracting we have found people to teach and it ends up taking all of our time. I felt like we wernt working hard enough because I wasnt knocking 100 doors a day but it was such a great realization to see that I have been working very hard and it is paying off. So I guess thats what I would like to report on a bit is how your promise is definitely coming to pass and we are finding people and there are so many people who are being prepared and have been prepared and we just need to talk to them, put our selves out there and let the Lord guide our paths. So all in all its been a good week and I feel very satisfied with the work put in and I do feel we did work hard and well. Of course there is always room for improvement
dont get me wrong, we have been working hard and the Lord is definitely in this work!.

Our car is now in the shop which is going to constrain our ability to meet with as broad a people but I know we will find a way to utilize this opportunity to be walking around more to street contact throughout the day. 

I have had a couple of powerful tender mercies this week from less actives opening up to us and telling us there concerns and struggles and how we are trying to help them overcome them, to powerful strong members giving us encouragement and lifting us up even higher. I have felt the Lord work through me this week. I was asked a question about some doctrine that I had never been taught. I have never even thought about the question myself but I began to answer, not necessarily knowing what I was saying but knowing that it was true. I could feel the spirit confirming every word which proceeded out of my mouth and I pray that they could fee that same confirmation. It was a testament to me of the power of the Holy Ghost and how he will guide us and direct us on what to say in the very hour as long as we have prepared our selves. Being a missionary has thus far been the greatest experience of my life.

I ran into Elder Ikube who is currently going through the post mission training thing. He working at the car dealer ship that we dropped our car off to get fixed. He goes home in a week and is now preparing for that and no longer proselyting like we are. Now he didnt say this but to me I saw the look in his eyes, it looked as if he was looking in envy and hope, with passion, love, faith and devotion, and in a sense it seemed like he looked up to us. Now I dont know if this was just me being crazy but it seemed so to me. It was just a witness of how we as missionaries are changed, we are representatives of the Lord and people can see that, people can feel it. I have had members tell Elder Adams and I that when we begin teaching a lesson, our countenance changes and we become something else, no longer young boys, but into real men and servants of the Lord. Now of course you would like people to distinguish you always and not just as you teach, hopeful I can get there someday.

a week full of tender mercies for sure and blessings from the Lord. I am so blessed be able to hold the Priesthood and wear the name of Christ boldly across my chest

I love you all dearly and I am thankful for the wonderful opurtunity I have to serve my Lord for two years. Every day in a new day full of sunshine and laughter, we just need to let it out!.

oh I almsot forgot. Dedeli igazi means let the blood flow, meaning relax. its is Elder Adams and My favorite saying in isiZulu

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